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Competitive Drone Aerial Photos and Video

If you are looking for the wow-factor in presenting your properties for sale or let, drone aerial photography and video will really make them stand above the rest.

In fact the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are a great solution for:

  • Property for sale and to let.
  • Fast and inexpensive property surveys and inspections.
  • Promotional videos and events.
If you have a property that is best seen from above and within its wider surroundings, then an aerial shoot with drones/UAVs is the perfect way to do it.

Woods Properties and Lettings offer bespoke photography and filming that will, without doubt, enhance your property in print and online. Here's an example video that showcases a property far better than any ground level photos could achieve.

Our fully CAA qualified pilot can film your property from a variety of unique positions to show your property and land in the best possible way.

We have 30 years experience in the photography and video industry – and whilst aerial video is a new technology, we have a qualified pilot on our team. We understand the importance of the laws and regulations that the Civil Aviation Authority has developed for this new era of flying. We have all the required CAA qualifications and insurance with the dedicated UAV insurance agents.

Our extensive fleet means that we can select the best drone/UAV for the job. For external shots we use the S1000 which has eight rotors for improved safety, reliability and in-air stability – resulting in smooth footage. Or we could use our Inspire Pro X5 RAW with professional level lenses. We can also lift any camera you require with our M600 and Ronin M system. We are ready for anything!

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