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Here at Woods Properties and Lettings we help tenants like you to  find a house or flat to rent in South Yorkshire, Middlesex, East Sussex, Berkshire, Kent and other parts of the UK. 

We recommend that you read this essential guide to renting in the UK that is produced by the Government and regularly updated. Lots of top tips and advice - read the guide.  

Below you will also find copies of our periodic newsletter that we send to all tenants in our houses or flats for rent in England.  Information in each newsletter covers seasonal tasks and preparation for your home, updates on grants and offers and more.  

Information Sheets: When an issue arises with a property which was preventable or the impact could have been minimised with preparation we will send out information sheets.  If you would like information on a specific topic please email: properties@woodsproperties.co.uk with your suggestion.


  • A landlord is responsible for the structure of the building, utilities (supply to meter only), sanitary provision (excepting blockages caused by tenant misuse) and any fittings provided at the start of the tenancy.
  • If a pest problem is caused by a defect to the structure, for example, rats entering through outlet holes or broken sewer pipes, this would be the landlords problem to repair.
  • This does not include pests which relate to the tenants everyday occupation of the house (for example mice, fleas, cockroaches, wasps etc.).

Further information is contained within your Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement. A copy of our most recent can be found below.

AST Terms & Conditions (@ 12/04/2013)  


If you would like to view a property and be a tenant in one of our houses or flats for rent, please contact us.  

You can find out more about being tenants in one of our quality properties and our services to you. Don't forget to ask about your discount to our lovely holiday villas in Bulgaria - a tenant added benefit!  

We support our tenants to move in and throughout their time in our properties in South Yorkshire, Middlesex, East Sussex, Berkshire, Kent and other areas in the UK.


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